/ for my dear stella

September 20, 2006 at 6:23 pm (Random)

dear very literature stella,
you are someone I’m glad I knew.
i wish you and me were living very near each other so it’ll be easier to crap (: .
if i could tell u any thing it would be bpnballers’05 forever!

the reason i like you is you’re so frank, so lovely and true.
for one day i wish we still had trainings together.
when i think of chinese literature and shooters , i think of you.
if i were alone in a room with you, we would not sleep and bitch all night.

you remind me of my passion for netball, it existed because I had such great pals!
without you, I think I won’t stick with netball till I graduated from BPGHS and actually like netball.
memories of you are full of fun!
Dao netballer on court is how i describe meeting you.

the worst thing about you is being too lazy and too smart, still must study hard!.
the best thing about you is you’re never too tired for some serious fun and talk.
if i could describe you in a word: lovely.

love always, Yee Shan


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