/ study mamas

September 7, 2006 at 6:51 pm (⌡Rated.Retarded⌠)

The influx of China study mamas to Singapore has been an issue discussed a time too many, yet the issue remains. I don’t like them, they spoil the market for people looking for jobs, especially part-timers, with their $1000-a-month pay with only two off-days, once every fortnight, employers definitely prefer them to the students, especially when students are only able to commit short hours, when school resumes for them, whereas these study mamas are willing and able to work up to twelve-hours shift, if needed to. They’re definitely hated by many, I know. I don’t like them. Oh, did I already mention that? They’re a nuisance! Since they’re here as study mamas, shouldn’t they be accompanying their children, looking after them and even if they don’t know, watch them study and perhaps learn in the process? Oh, not the matter about not having enough money or being conned. Since they decided that they want to let their children study in Singapore, a country where the cost of living isn’t low, shouldn’t they come prepared? Like, with at least one year’s expenses? Meanwhile, their families continue to work hard to support them. They shouldn’t be allowed to work! Not even as those occupations which are slightly more shady. Definitely not those part-time jobs which students like to take up during their school holidays. Alright, bias tone detected, I’m a student, for goodness sake, I’m allowed to whine and complain about them, since they’re not beneficial to me in any way. Did I hear someone say foreign talent? *laughs my ass off*


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