/ death

September 5, 2006 at 8:20 pm (⌡Rated.Retarded⌠)

Yup, so Steve Irwin died. In the course of work too. Australia has offered to give him a national burial. Okay, so his shows are quite interesting, his death a rather shocking event, killed by what he loves – nature. I just don’t see the point why everyone’s pretending that they care a lot about his death. Call me desensitised, but I won’t change my mindset. Like, yes, we all know he’s dead, and a rather brutal death too, being stabbed through his heart by a stingray, him even removing the ‘murder weapon’ out before he bled to death. Read from the papers that his death could be avoided, should he not insist on taking some shots of the beautiful corals and fishes he promised his daughter. Father’s duty, father’s responsibilty, resulted in his death. It depends on the view point, I suppose.

Anyway this is not my problem, just another piece of news, so I shan’t even bother pretending that I care, I suppose. He died. Full-stop. End of story, next. Perhaps death shouldn’t be taken so lightly, but think about it. The moment we’re born, we’re waiting for our death. It happens, what can you say?


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