/ evon

September 30, 2006 at 2:29 am (Ramblings -)

EVON! A big big big hug for you! (: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! =D For all my friends’ information, EVON GOT ME THE CD! Hahahaha. She’s so nice! *gushes* Evon is really one who really really loves her friends. We’d our fair share of fun together, but we drifted apart when she was promoted to secondary four, due to the heavy workload.. We re-bonded (hahaha, funny word) and I realised I missed the fun we used to have, the crazy days we used to live together in school. Not to forget, they’re demolishing the school soon, TSK. It’s so funny, that we bonded again, just like that, so easily. I’m looking forward to the end of her A levels, we’re going out together! (: (: (:
Okay, I forgot what I wanted to blog about just now cause I’m too excited by Yan Zi’s cd. WaHAHAHAHA. (: SO LOVELY, WHOOOSH!

OHYES, An Qi, GL is GROUP LEADER. Hahahahaha.


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/ fish & co

September 28, 2006 at 10:38 pm (Ramblings -)

Today was alright. Thought working at Fish & Co seems like a not bad idea. But have to work both days on weekends. What happens during camp? Don’t know… ): Since I’m not receiving anymore news from Starbucks, thought that maybe I should go Fish & Co. Hmm. X: Gotta make the decision as soon as possible…. IMM branch. Closing time is 11pm. Forgot to ask opening hour. Blah.
So not looking forward to the GL meeting tomorrow. Somehow it feels like it’s not going to be too interesting… HAIS.
YANZI’S CD (THE DELUXE VERSION) IS OUT! OMG OMG OMG!! I WANT I WANT I WANT. Too poor. ): I reserved it, but resisted the temptation to go and get it today. Or even take a look at it. S: I want all the versions suddenly. HAIS.
I want the song 永不放弃 (Won’t Give Up) by 5566. Anyone has it?

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/ timetable

September 27, 2006 at 11:19 pm (Ramblings -)

Saw Nigel, Iyla and don’t remember his name today at the bus stop in front of Lot One. Lol. So funny them. BPIANS! Wheeee! Have to wake up at 8am tomorrow, for the group meeting at JP at 10am. Whoosh. So early, but no choice. None of the ideas just seem to work. ): Hope everything will be okay after all. It’s going to be a boring day tomorrow. Then Friday! Going back to school for astronomy, GLs meeting, Yan Zi’s CD (the limited edition one) will be out!! Yayness. (: I shall be happy about that. Haha. But then now I want both the regular version AND the limited edtion one. ): So poor for that. ): Because the normal one is exclusive to Singapore and Hong Kong. ARGHS. ): SO FRIGGING POOR. I want both the normal versions from Taiwan too. Can DIE from poorness sia. ): HAIS. Anyway I still don’t know my French class’ timetable, really hope it’s on Monday. Meanwhile, this is my timetable (:


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/ random post no.2

September 26, 2006 at 8:11 am (Random)

It’s not even 8AM yet, now. Here I am, blogging. Not even tired to fall back asleep. What a perfect day to exercise, but I’m not going to, I can’t and it won’t happen. Not today, anyway. The lousy air quality sort of got into me while bringing my incredibly stupid brother to school just now. The exhaust gases emitted was so foul, so bad for our lungs, I’ve a feeling someday I’ll die of lung cancer in this small country. ): What a lousy way to die! Anyway, I’m not tired! Not tired! How can that be? Amazed at myself, because I slept at…. I’ve no idea, I just knew it’s later than 2.30am because after that I remember that I seemed to be reading. Hahahaha. This is a good sign, a good omen! So, I’m having chances that I’ll be able to wake up just nice in time for school when school resumes, I woke up at 7am today! X: I’ve to wake up at 6.45am when school reopens. So early! I still have to work too. ): Perhaps I’ll work for a while and then quit after I’ve completed my 40 hours. No! Such a lousy idea. What am I going to survive on, lousy air? Tree leaves? I’m not tall enough. Lalala. Getting incoherent again. Getting hungry. X: I should have brought some money along with me just now and bought breakfast before coming back. Blahhhs.
OH YES. 190 is so so so guailan. TSK. We were waiting for 190 at the bus stop opposite Far East Plaza and two buses came, which obviously, us being so not auntie, we’re not having any chances to squeeze in at all, we decided that perhaps we should take 700, so we proceeded to the other bus stop. Then then then then a relatively empty 190 decides to cruise along. Wth wth wth!! So, FOUR other 190 buses came. All quite empty, with SEATS available. BLAH! Then, like, finally 700A came. There were seats, but all the seats were seperate. Then the woman beside Wei Qian alighted the bus and I joined Wei Qian. Hahaha.
Okay, back to what I was saying – random crap. OH, breakfast. One way to solve hunger is to sleep through it. So early, nothing much to do online either. I don’t want to study Business Statistics now! ): ): ): I also won’t understand. ): Sucks. Can’t wait to know my classmates of TRT1. Lol. Perhaps I’ll be able to bond with them! Hahahaha. At least my main class is still TR01, not so unlucky, because TRM only has four classes in total, so, two for each semester. Hehs. So no matter how I’ll still be with my TRM mates, even if I’m not close with them. Lalalala.
I still want to go Chomp Chomp. I want to go Ikea too. I want Yan Zi’s CD! Today, hopefully, is the day. (: (: (: This week is what I have left, if training were to start as planned. Blah.

/edit time: 5.03PM
Hahahahahaha Yan Zi’s CD is out!!! But not the limited edition. ): Don’t know what Warner is doing lah, drag and drag and drag. So over the shit lah! TSK. Nevermind, wait again. Heard it’s going to be out on Friday. WAHLAU, then I would have waited for ONE WHOLE WEEK already, since I was going to get it since last Friday. Sian-ed. It’s going to cost quite a bit, about $50 or so I heard. Chu Xiang! Are you regretting it? Hahahahaha. =P
I’m rotting at home, should have went out lah. But I can’t. ): The messy table is still so… uhh, messy. Hahaha. I’ve to get it cleared by tomorrow, since I’m going out on Thursday, I’ve CCA on Friday and maybe go out during the weekends before training starts. I’ve to get used to regullar sleeping time lah, if not I’ll be never able to wake up in time for training and school!! TSK.
YAY SUN YAN ZI! Hahahahaha. Everyone, support original okay? (: (: (: (:

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/ thumbs!

September 26, 2006 at 12:45 am (Ramblings -)

It was an okok day, though Evon did get rather high. Lol. Thumbs game was funny. Bus ride was not. Stupid seats so rough. Lousy! I condemn buses! BUT AYE, I’m using BUS concessionary travel pass. ): Nevermind, then I shall take more rides, to earn it back. Hahahahaha SO KIASU MAN. Hahahahahahaha. Anyway, good movies aren’t so common now. Tsk. I want watch Rob-B-Hood. It’ll be funny, I know! Lalalala. Went Sushi Tei (Takashimaya) for dinner, to say the truth, it was average, nothing special. I think Evon got high after drinking some weird tasting alcohol bought from 7-11. Rarrr. It’s a bit bitter, I don’t like. Gigolo Wannabe is a stupid movie! Hahahahaha. The Cathay is still so…. quiet.
I want to buy bag!
Anyway, I’ve to wake up like, damn early, to bring my brother to school tomorrow, cos he’s going to lousy Discovery Center for some school stuff and now it’s like, my responsibility! 7am!! EARLY OKAY! Especially when during the holidays I’m not waking up much before noon. Sucks.
I’m hungry now. Hahahaha. Have this incredible urge to go Chomp Chomp. Blahhhhh. Oh, I’ve to go get a study lamp lah! Like, during this week. I should be starting my training next week. If I still don’t, I’m joining Wei Qian, if they’re still hiring. Or go BPP Cafe Cartel, lols. Like, so, sian. ):
I want Yan Zi’s CD! It better be out tomorrow. I want it I want it I want it! So damn broke now. ):
I want bag! Oh, did I mention that already?
Oh, I’ve to set aside thirty bucks for my camp stuff too. Haishaishais. When is that Starbucks starting lah, so irritated already. Glad that I’ve a lovely timetable. Wheees!
I want Chomp Chomp! Hahahaha.
I want study lamp! I must be some hardworking girl!

/Date: 26 September 2006 ; Time: 12.45am

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/ random post no.1

September 23, 2006 at 5:30 pm (Random)

Today is a very very happy day! Hahahahahahahaha. Finally bought the cardigan, whee! Though the medium size is no longer available, there’s still the Large size! Bigger is better than nothing lah. Lalalalala. Hahahahahaha. Anyway, Yan Zi’s album still not out yet. ): Nevermind, the person’s going to call me the moment it’s released. Wheee! So happy. Happy happy. Ate and ate today. Whee, eating is fun! Eating is good! Oh yes, watched “John Tucker must die” today, it’s damn funny! Hahahahaha. Super entertaining! Hahahahahahaha. Alright, my post is incoherent, again! Blah, everytime when I’m too happy to think it becomes incoherent. Lalalala. So hungry. Ahh I get hungry very easily, no good, waste money! Lol.
Hmmm. I want shoes/slippers/heels/pumps, bag(s), skirt(s), jeans….. WAH SO MANY. Hahahahahaha. I am so poor now. ): Monday still gotta go out with my friends… *whines* Hahahaha ): ):
Singapore is so boring. Hahahahahah.
OHYAH. Saw 权怡风 and 王禄江 at LOT ONE! Filming some show, no idea and not interested, SO MANY AUNTIES AT LOT ONE TODAY.
Stella is so unlucky! Hahahahahaha. Oh yes, that’s all! BYEBYE!

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/ Stefanie Sun Yan Zi

September 22, 2006 at 6:58 pm (Random)

Red is such a lovely colour. Lalalala I love red colour! Hahaha. I hate red ants though. Suddenly my home has a lot of red ants, scary.
Yan Zi likes yellow colour! I like Yan Zi! Therefore, I shall like yellow colour too! Hahahaha. Yay I want that Yan Zi’s album! Wheeee! It’s not out yet, heard that I can pre-order it from Sembawang Music CD Shop. Lalalala I want I want I want! This album, especially the limited edition one, is a must have. Chu Xiang’s going to get it for me! *lovelovelovelovelove* Wheeee! Hahahaha, so nice! Hahahahahahaha! Okay, I’m going mad. -.-” I’ve no idea why wordpress is so guailan. TSK. It’s like, 2.53am right now, 23 September 2006, but the time and sometimes, the date, doesn’t match! Irritating!!!! Oh I’m so random. Lol.
Astro today, or rather, yesterday, was boring boring boring. Luckily I arrived late, lol. =P Time wasted on waiting, then meeting and a short break while our GL (Group Leader!!) head went for another meeting and we continued. KAP-ed after that. Hahahaha I lovelovelovelovelove Astronomy! Just too bad I cannot make it for the training camp. ): ): ): ): Second camp in astro, and I cannot make it, again. *sighsighsighsighsigh* Hahahaha I like to repeat things in five, wheee! Oh, no no, I don’t want to repeat BSTA five times! SO SCARY OKAY. AIYER. S:
Anyway, it’s Qiu Wen’s birthday today. If she sees this, oh! Hahaha, if not, too bad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (:

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/ friends

September 21, 2006 at 2:37 pm (Ramblings -)

It’s really nice to know that at the very least, there’s someone there for me. I love Stella! She’s such a lovely person I’ll never regret knowing. (: Anyway, I was on the bus today, thinking… Then I remembered my first day in BPGHS, which was quite scary and shocking because the first thing that happened was Melanie, a girl who stood in front of me during assembly then, fainted suddenly and leaned on me. -.-” It turns out that Melanie didn’t really know that it was me who supported her like a dummy there and then, until we talked about it last year.. Suddenly I wish I was back in my secondary school again, surrounded by friends and knowing most of the people in my level, going into any class and crapping there. BPGHS holds quite many memories of mine, and my ex-schoolmates too, why do they have to demolish it and rebuild it? ): And build a nice, lovely building which will be the BPGHS we’re unfamiliar with and eventually drift apart, perhaps. It’s so sad, especially if we did donate money to contribute to that fund. I wonder how many friends do truly remain by me, believing in me, trusting me and love me right now, and how many will there be left, years down the road. I wonder how many friends I will always be there for, many many years later. I’m not a perfect friend, but sometimes I did try my best. ): Some friendships aren’t meant to be forgotten.. I wish in years to come, I’m still in touch and close with Stella, Wei Qian, Shu Xian, Hui Ying (and many more)….. Some friendships forged and are embedded in my heart, my memory.. Lalalalala, I love my friends. *HUGS*

Anyway, I found someone I can be with, someone to pester and study together, for Business Statistics – Jun Yi. Hahahahaha, we’re in the same lecture, what a lovely coincidence. At least I know I won’t be alone, not that alone anyway, for the very first lecture. After that I’ll have my classmates… X: TRT1. Lol, what an unique name! Anyway, that probably means that Hui Ping’s in the same lecture, so, I hope that French classes are on Mondays! Hopefully….. X:

Oh, Dinie sent me a song by Zhang Li Yin. A korean singer. First Chinese single. Not bad. Whoooo~


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/ for my dear stella

September 20, 2006 at 6:23 pm (Random)

dear very literature stella,
you are someone I’m glad I knew.
i wish you and me were living very near each other so it’ll be easier to crap (: .
if i could tell u any thing it would be bpnballers’05 forever!

the reason i like you is you’re so frank, so lovely and true.
for one day i wish we still had trainings together.
when i think of chinese literature and shooters , i think of you.
if i were alone in a room with you, we would not sleep and bitch all night.

you remind me of my passion for netball, it existed because I had such great pals!
without you, I think I won’t stick with netball till I graduated from BPGHS and actually like netball.
memories of you are full of fun!
Dao netballer on court is how i describe meeting you.

the worst thing about you is being too lazy and too smart, still must study hard!.
the best thing about you is you’re never too tired for some serious fun and talk.
if i could describe you in a word: lovely.

love always, Yee Shan

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September 20, 2006 at 5:31 pm (Emo)

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