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August 29, 2006 at 6:55 pm (⌡Rated.Retarded⌠)

Life is so fragile, kind of ironical isn’t it? You’re born, you live, you die. It’s all a matter of when and how long. The more you live the later you die. Somehow everyone’s living to die. ): Life shouldn’t be taken so jokingly. It’s given to us (who cares how life comes about, either you’re here or you’re not, but if you’re not you wouldn’t be able to read this anyway) and then if we die just like that (or rather, suicide) it’s so wasted. Your parents would be devastated, I’m sure. Why do people want to die? Hais. ): This is such a saddening topic. Some things in life are just so unpredictable. Well, life goes on.


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  1. scotty said,

    everyone have to die what to do LOL

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