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August 23, 2006 at 8:15 am (Random)

Life is boring. Don’t you agree? When your life is filled with studying, studying and more studying. Not that I actually study a lot, I’m damn good at procrastination. Perhaps it’s more of a denial to start studying and stress myself to the max. The again, when the paper is starting in less than a day I still study, can’t afford to throw away my future.

I want to hit the beaches after exams. Holidays are great! Shopping, tanning, slacking… I want sleepovers too! Not to forget chalet. Whoa. Not enough money to all these and I’ve to get a job. Working life is worse. Work work work work work. No life, at all. Too bad, I’ve to actually work in order to get money to complete everything I want to do during the holidays. Sometimes I think life really sucks. ):


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  1. Shu Xian said,

    Working life is a life itself ah. Haha. There are a lot of times when life rocks, just that we don’t really think of them that much when we are sad.

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