/ the great question

August 22, 2006 at 4:21 pm (⌡Rated.Retarded⌠)

No, not about what comes first – the egg or the chick. Neither is it about Adam and Eve, if people are still interested in it. It’s about love. Yes, the sacred four letter word that isn’t vulgar. There are so many arguments about love. One big big question that many ask will be “Which is better, to love or to be loved?”

The correct answer, would probably be both, half each. Yet, it’s often not the case. Many people think it’s a blessing to be loved. Who cares if you love the person or not, as long as the person in question loves you, dotes on you and is good to you. This is perhaps a rather selfish thought. I’ve no idea which way do I stand, possibly because I feel a little of each, but not strong enough to take any stand, not even the middle one. Being able to love is a wonderful feeling. How many people are able to do that? Due to bad experiences, or simply not having someone for you to love. The person might be unable to reciprocate your feelings, but as long as he or she knows that you care, it’s enough, isn’t it? It’s quite sad wanting to love someone, badly, yet there is nobody for you to love, not even someone who wouldn’t reciprocate your feelings. Sad, isn’t it?

I want to be happy. To love and to be loved both has its good points. Perhaps, it’s good to find someone whom I love dearly and loves me back. More? I dare not say. Read this somewhere before “If you love your other half 99%, and your other half loves you 100%, would it be perfect? Why can’t both parties love each other 100%, or even more than that?” I’ve no idea. Just….. a question for us to think about.

Oh, I’m digressing. Happiness comes from the heart. I think…. I’m a selfish one. I want to be loved more than I love, because I know, the deeper the feelings, the greater the hurt when it comes to break ups. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to love anyone a lot! I still do, but maybe I’m holding back, just because.


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